What is The Rabbitry?

The Rabbitry is a special, dedicated group that supports White Rabbit Arts and its evolving programs. Founded by alumni of the residency, Rabbitry members are committed to creating ongoing opportunities for artists to collaborate with each other and the natural environment.

Support from the Rabbitry means that creating accessible programming for artists is less vulnerable to shifts in government arts funding, and that we, the Rabbits can have greater creative control over the future of our work.


Rabbitry Membership

By clicking on the 'subscribe' button below, you will become a member of the Rabbitry! You'll agree to make a monthly contribution to support the White Rabbit Arts Residency and other programming.

As a Rabbitry member, you'll:

  • Be invited to exclusive Rabbitry meet-ups
  • Receive 20% off tickets to the White Rabbit Arts Festival
  • Get special updates from White Rabbit Arts
  • Have your name listed on the website and event program
  • Receive 10% off membership with Visual Arts Nova Scotia
  • Be invited to attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting

Questions about monthly contributions? 

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Founding Members

Poppa Silas
Courtney Harris
Sr. Josh Collins
Uncle Eli
Lindsay Dobbin
Louise Hanavan
Erinn Beth Langille
Annalise Prodor (DJ T.T.T.)
Thomas Young
Lauren Fournier
Andrew Maize [aka GO FLY A KITE]
Kara Highfield
Hillary Webb
Catie Lune
Susan Tooke
Rosa Lulu
Rob Cameron
That Dutchman
Robin Young
Kim Thompson
Gillian Dykeman
Julia M. Feltham
Local Pirate Radio
Pat Hanavan
Shelagh Abriel
Erica Mycelia
Raina Young
Poppa Brian
Lorna Craig