White Rabbit Arts Residency

The White Rabbit Arts Residency is a week-long open air arts residency that creates a living studio on the land, with the land, from the land. The residency encourages artists to push the boundaries of their practice collaboratively and individually. The 2020 White Rabbit Arts Residency TBA...

White Rabbit Arts Festival

The residency culminates in the weekend-long White Rabbit Arts Festival, a public celebration where residents showcase their artwork to an audience of more than two hundred. The festival offers attendees art in the open air, music, locally grown organic food and camping. The 2020 White Rabbit Arts Festival runs from August 22-23.

Red Clay Art Farm

The residency and festival take place at Red Clay Art Farm, a property whose diverse landscapes includes orchards, streams, tall forests with steep terrains, low lying meadows and nearby ocean access. It's a place to follow your artistic curiosities, challenge yourself, collaborate, explore and share ideas with friends. In addition to hosting the White Rabbit Arts Residency and Festival, there are many other awesome activities that run all year long, including artist workshops, retreats and self-directed residencies. Get more info at the Red Clay Art Farm website

Red Clay Studio Society 

The Red Clay Studio Society is a not-for-profit organization responsible for organizing the annual White Rabbit Arts Festival. The mandate of the Red Clay Studio Society is to foster a community of emerging contemporary artists, and to encourage the interaction between urban, rural and international interdisciplinary artists in an outdoor, natural environment.