(More details about the Legacy Project can be found below this job posting)


Outdoor Arts Project Coordinator Position  

Red Clay Studio Society is excited to announce funding for a Project Coordinator to support its upcoming ‘Legacy Project’. 

This interdisciplinary outdoor arts project will take place in Soley Cove and nearby Economy N.S., and will culminate in a theatricalized presentation for live audiences on site. 

The primary role of the Project Coordinator during the (1) Lead up, (2) Installation, and (3) Final Presentation is to provide consistent support across all three components. Working as part of a team that includes directors and support staff, the Project Coordinator oversees project management, on-site infrastructure needs, and support for artistic projects.  

The project coordinator will do a significant amount of communication and liaising between various groups involved (directors, artists, volunteers, staff) to ensure the project runs smoothly, and that participants can access the resources they need. The coordinator ensures lines of communication are clear, conflicts are addressed in a considerate, effective matter, and that there is a positive, collaborative working environment. 

Responsibilities include:  

  • Communication & production meetings with other project leaders 
  • Leading publicity and advertising efforts for the event 
  • Participate in the selection and integration of artists projects with project leaders 
  • Coordinate the hiring of a cook staff and oversee meal arrangements & hospitality 
  • Coordinate with specialized staff (Directors, Lead artists, Volunteers, etc) to make sure that their work is supported in advance of the project and on site during project installation 
  • Liaise with Artists, Volunteers and Staff to ensure needs are met during various project phases (ex: medical, allergies, preferences, accommodations, etc.)  
  • Assist with tracking finances in collaboration with treasurer and project leaders 
  • Oversee and assist with coordination of audience experience (especially parking, washrooms, accessibility, etc.) 
  • Oversee project strike and wrap-up post show  
  • Assist with final reporting, project documentation as needed 



1. LEAD UP (Working Remotely) :  

Start date as soon as possible - July 31st 2021 

Approximately 10 hour/week = $3200 

2. INSTALLATION (Mostly Onsite) 

August 2nd-18th 2021 (Dates subject to change) 

Approximately 35 hours a week= $2000 


August 19th- 27th 2021 

Approximately 60 hours = $1200 

Additional funds available to assist with travel and accommodation / expenses during on-site time. 


Skills required: 

Experience with facilitation, project management and/or event production 

Highly motivated and self sufficient  

Excellent interpersonal skills 

Excellent written communication skills  

Enthusiastic and creative 

Able to work as part of a team, good problem solver 

Organized and efficient (google drive and spreadsheet knowledge) 

Ability to maintain calm in a chaotic environment  

Excited by outdoor, interdisciplinary artistic creation & collaboration 

To Apply: 

Email resume & cover letter by 5pm April 5th 2021 to:



Description of 'Legacy Project'

When someone dies what remains? How do we exist beyond ourselves and through others in the things that we do and the way that we are. 

Red Clay Farm has touched many hearts over the last two decades, host and producer of artist residencies, performance events, CSA food boxes and the White Rabbit Arts Residency and Festival. A community of collaborators connected through these shared experiences are coming together to create a multidisciplinary outdoor arts event on the Bay of Fundy in August 2021.  

Audiences will move in small groups through the outdoor coastal landscape of the Bay of Fundy. On their journey Audiences ¹will experience installations, performances, and invitations to join in shared experience and action, reflecting on themes of legacy, community and spiritual DNA. A produced audio track will guide audiences and provide an overarching container for the event. In addition to the ‘in-person’ experience, there will be accessible components of the event including a digital documentation project, and livestreamed elements.