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Amber Kilborn is a young architect who splits her time between rural Ontario and Halifax. She is interested in provoking existential perceptions of the changing natural environment through architectural installations that translate the vast into the intimate. Amber began university studying philosophy and engineering before focusing intently on architecture. She recently earned her masters degree from Dalhousie University. Over the last 4 years, Amber's worked on a variety of projects in Ontario, across the Maritimes, in Norway and in Iceland, gradually becoming adept as both a builder and designer. She is currently working on material investigations of concrete and spatial translations of wind.

ANDREW GABOURY is a multi-disciplinary performance artist currently based in Toronto, although historically home has been a slippery concept for him. Gaboury’s roots lie in collective creation and playwriting, yet in recent years his interests have been shifting towards community engagement in the arts and physical performance (including clown and contemporary dance). His work focuses on performer/audience intimacy, ideas of home and archetypal self/societal projections. Gaboury works in collaboration with his company a field of crowns (afieldofcrowns.wordpress.com) and hub14 art and performance works (www.hub14.org) as one of its three co-Artistic Directors.

AMANDA STEVENS is a librarian, sex educator, herbalist, writer, DJ, and performance artist based in Kjipuktuk, Mi'kmaki. Amanda does improvised, interactive performances and installations whenever she comes up with a good idea and did unofficial Nocturne projects in 2011, 2012, 2014, and 2015. She has been making zines since 1994, and in 2015 she did a residency at the Queer Zine Archive Project in Milwaukee, WI. Amanda collectively operated the Anchor Archive Zine Library and Roberts Street Social Centre from 2007 to 2014 and is coordinating this year's Halifax Pop Explosion Zine Fair. Her work aims to create magical spaces for people to connect and experience collective transformative release; to uncover and share marginalized stories and information; and to broaden and queer understandings of bodies, gender, relationships, and sex. She is committed to learning about the land and spends a lot of time identifying plants and growing, harvesting, and preparing food and medicine.

AMBER PHELPS BONDAROFF and TERRI FIDELAK Ghost & Thing is the creative moniker of Saskatchewan based interdisciplinary artists Terri Fidelak and Amber Phelps Bondaroff. After meeting in 2014 over a suitcase, the pair quickly realized that they had overlapping interests in artists relationships to nature, berry picking and the narrative potency of objects. They both also revealed their (not so secret) crushes on the theatre. Thus, over some pan fried trout and a bottle of gin, Ghost & Thing was born - as a collaborative platform to encourage the playful yet focused learning of new skill, and as a support system in mutual flirtations with performance. Ghost & Thing are thrilled to be exploring their new found entanglements within the collaborative landscape of White Rabbit. Terri grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan and traveled abundantly after earning degrees in English Literature and Fine Art from the University of Regina. More about Terri at: www.terrifidelak.com Amber was born in Calgary Alberta, and bounced extensively around the continent before moving to Saskatchewan in 2012. She received a BFA in Interdisciplinary Fine Arts from NSCAD in 2007, and an MFA in Intermedia from the University of Regina, in 2014. More about Amber at: www.amberpb.com

TJ EDIGER is a media artist born in Ontario, raised in Alberta, and living in Nova Scotia. His practice focuses on manipulated data, broken technology, and stuff on the internet.

DANA SIPOS coaxes silk worms out of their cocoons and spins them into songs. A true nomad, Dana tours often and often by unconventional means; tall ship, canoe, bicycle and train. Originally from Hamilton, Ontario, she often lands in Toronto, Nashville, or the far north. Spending her formative years in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Dana's songwriting is infused with a surrealism infused by Canada's high country and based on interactions and conversations with the natural world, the wilder the better, and the people she finds there.

Guillaume Côté Roux is a wood sculptor/stone carver living in Quebec city. In 2012 he caught the maritime fever and became obsessed by the secular knowledge inherent to the wooden boat building. Since then he has done an internship in traditional boatbuilding in Lunenburg, Nova-Scotia. He currently create sculptures which are partially altered by the passage of time, like relics. His practice focuses on the concepts of rite of passage, of bequeaths and mourning.

LINSEED TONER-CALMUSKY is a nature educator, movement facilitator and barkeeper in Toronto, Ontario. She is currently interested in exploring the markings birds make, plants you need to swim to to see, and the lore of the Linden tree.

Grey Muldoon transforms things into other things by holding (near) the scary place of trusting the next image-moment-gesticulation to appear. He is a (long-time) puppet artist, working for thirteen years in the direct manipulation style, and is (also) a writer, performance artist, and creator of installations. Grey wants your imagination... the art is a game: immersive, it draws others in. Grey (maybe) begins with the obvious and then proves it subtle: foraging in DAYDREAMS to find ARTIFACTS and fledge MEMORIES. Twice a magic basket baby, Grey is (presently) neunundneunzig poisson rouge: ainminithe “Ginoozhe Geddes”; They swim through the blackened rocks and molten slag North of Sudbury Ontario, although their body left (there) for Toronto thirteen years ago. Lowly but surely, Grey is moving to(wards) Halifax for a while. Expect to find him at NSCAD this fall. Here ---> https://greymuldoon.wordpress.com/

LAUREL RENNIE is an artist from Windsor, Ontario, currently living in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She works with labour and repetition, ideas focused through using textile processes and drawing. Textile practices hold an innate sense of time and labour she sees endless possibilities for. Her interest lies in processes that slow the hand and mind down and focus on tactile, repetitious actions. She holds a BFA in Interdisciplinary Fine Arts with a focus in textiles from NSCAD University. When not untangling threads, Laurel spends her time experimenting with food and practicing circus arts.

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