2013 Black Rabbit

Black Rabbit is an annual fundraiser/funraiser for White Rabbit Arts Residency and Festival. This year, the White Rabbit community has planned 3 days of events that will include a Circus of the Normal performance, a pop-up restaurant dinner, a community brunch and of course, some dancing.

February 28: Circus of the Normal


The Human Cannon Ball

The Amazing Madeline

Acrobatic Beatboxer

Bike Trickster

Gods of Construction and Deconstruction

Musical Performances

A Zoologist

Conjoined Twins in bikini(s)

The Googler

Climbing Lizard

The Bird Lady

The Glow Worms

Cyclopes Dog

Bilbo the Fortune Teller

The House of Mirrors

March 1: Nina's BBQ

8:30pm – 10:30pm 
6156 DUNCAN (enter thru the back door)

March 2: Black Rabbit Brunch