2013 Artists

Andrea Thorne and Anna Bald 

HACKMATACK // TAMARACK is an oddball naturalist duo of Andrea Thorne and Anna Bald.  Practicing tinker/tailor/artists in their own rights, they have been looking for an opportunity to creatively make mischief and hope to bring this spirit to White Rabbit. Both Andrea and Anna live and work on the South Shore of Nova Scotia, round about LaHave.

Becky Welter-Nolan and Daniel Higham

Becky Welter-Nolan and Daniel Higham are interdisciplinary artists based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. They both work in media and installation and collaborate on performative projects that explore social structures and learning from experience. They received BFAs from NSCAD University in 2011 and have exhibited at the Anna Leonowens and Eyelevel Gallery. They work as coordinators at Visual Arts Nova Scotia and the Centre for Art Tapes respectively.

Christopher van Donkelaar 

Christopher is a cognitive artist with a MFA in New Media. His work aims to share what the earth teaches through delight, investigation, giving thanks, and being still. A typical day for him includes some combination of the following: Mindmapping; hiking; digging a hole; collecting plants; creating new pigment colours; sketching; writing a spidergram; painting a sacred icon; lecturing in an university; or installing in a gallery. These pursuits have taken him far afield—but he’s at home in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. 


Clare Waque 

Clare Waque has been a practitioner of theatre since childhood in Toronto. She moved to Nova Scotia to attend the University of King’s college, and in 2009 graduated with a combined honours degree in Contemporary Philosophy and International Development. During her time at King’s she worked extensively with their Theatre Society to further her skills of acting, directing, designing. In 2008 she launched her own production company, and started to work with the independent artists in Halifax. Since 2010 Clare has wore a rotating cast of caps, working for the Bus Stop Theatre as Managing Director, Bar Manager, Technician, Technical Director and Admin. The Bus Stop Theatre, now a decade old, is an unfunded artist-run rental venue, it is the space for local emerging artists to showcase their work.


Emma Fitzgerald

Emma Fitzgerald makes art in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She likes to think about how things were made, and where, and by whom, and this informs much of her studio work. She loves to draw people, plants, cities and the in between moments of life. She also makes architecture, and teaches it, in varied settings. 

Emma Fitzgerald Art & Design (Facebook)