2011 Resident Artists

Amy Belanger is a NSCAD textile graduate who draws inspiration from community, travel experiences, traditional textiles, and costumes. She explores the idea of tradition in textile in contrast to modern day industry textile practices. 

Matthew Carswell collects and appropriates various materials for DIY projects, often motivated by combating premature obsolescence. Such projects are then documented to preserve their ephemeral origins or re-purposes: ie. Diarrhea Perlman (with backpack pan flute), his submission for the Totally Wicked Music Festival II in 2009. He is currently involved with a number of not for profit, Halifax-based, artist run centres, including The Khyber, Eyelevel Gallery and the Centre for Art Tapes. Matthew Carswell was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia where he currently lives in the North End. 

Joshua Collins has been living in Halifax on and off for eight years. He is presently working to obtain his Masters of Architecture degree at Dalhousie by the end of the year. This theoretical work places emphasis on phenomenology, acoustic ecology, and developing a sensitive and inductive method of site analysis. In parallel to his academic studies, Josh believes in engaging in collaborative construction projects where each individual brings a unique set of skills and knowledge to the process. Between a sensitivity to the environment and an emphasis on individual expression, he hopes to facilitate an architecture that empowers people to engage fully in their understanding of a local culture, at a modest scale with massive ambitions. Josh plans on staying in Halifax. 

In progress: http://www.arc1087.com/jcollins 

Patrick DeCoste is a Toronto based visual artist, originally from Antigonish Nova Scotia. His work is a reflection on his Metis roots in Nova Scotia reaching back to the days of Champlain. He is best known for his post classical figurative paintings while he also experiments with performance, electronics and sound. He has received awards and grants from the Toronto Arts Council, The Ontario Arts Council, and The Canada Council. This year he was awarded a Chalmers Arts Research Fellowship which brings him to White Rabbit in Nova Scotia… to paly in the trees. His next exhibition is called Born Swimming at The Department Gallery opening October 6 in Toronto. 

Gillian Dykeman 
I am a graduate of NSCAD University based in Saint John, New Brunswick. My art practice consists largely of social practice, and exists within the framework of conceptual art. I employ installation, performance, ritual and perseverance in the creation of my work. Presently I am researching corporate culture, and developing work critical of problematic anti-human power structures. I recently explored the parallells between sport and performative art through triathlon training. My favourite projects require people to participate, and seek to evoke connectivity, humanity and interest. 

Abby Fry 

Zachary Gough 

Wes Johnson is an artist working in Halifax, NS. His architectural and site-specific projects are designed to engage the viewer in their role as one part of a broader ‘public’ whole. His constructed forms, fitted with electronics, emulate conventions of public structures such as the pavilion, the kiosk or temporal situations such as the construction site – all elements designed to influence public affairs. 

Gary Markle 
Gary has lived in Nova Scotia for over twenty years, moving here shortly after completing a BFA in Fashion Design at Parsons School of Design in New York City (1988). 
Gary received an MFA in Textiles form the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University at Halifax in 1995. In 2009 he became an Assistant Professor of Textiles/Fashion in the Craft Division at NSCAD U. The same year he Co-Initiated The Clothing and Textiles Action Group (CTAG) a sub group of the Ecology Action Centre’s (EAC) Food Action Committee. 

Hannah Newton 

Penelope Smart is an independent curator and CBC broadcaster who lives in Sackville, NB. From time to time, she participates in groups shows exhibiting textile, light and installation works based in organic materials such as trees, burlap, buttercups and straw bales. This fall she will pursue a graduate degree in curatorial studies at OCADU. 

Ella Tetrault 

Danika Vandersteen 

Andrea Williamson is a Calgary-based visual artist, who graduated in 2007 from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University, majoring in both Fine Arts and Media Arts. Her current practice involves print media, drawing and watercolor painting. Her concentration on media images and newspaper photographs is based on an ethics of empathy and difference. Through her reflections on people and stories from the news she wishes to express a social environment where understanding of difference is celebrated and boundaries are questioned. 

Williamson has participated in numerous local group exhibitions including “Get it on Paper” at Summit Fine Arts, “Hugly Mangry Killdren” at the Truck Gallery and “Portrait of a Crowd” at the Local Library. She has attended residencies in Toronto, Banff, and Amherst, Virginia and has exhibited her mixed media drawings in Halifax, Toronto, Calgary, and New York City.