Rabbitry FAQs

How much is a monthly membership?
The standard contribution is 'Lucky Seven' at $7 a month, but feel free to pick a monthly amount that is going to work for you.

What if I need to modify or cancel my membership?
You can modify or cancel your Rabbitry membership anytime-- either using your paypal account or by contacting whiterabbitarts@gmail.com

Are there alternate ways to contribute to White Rabbit?
Of course! We appreciate you as a volunteer, as a one-time donor, as a participant, and as an audience member. 

Could I have some help with the Paypal signup process?
Contact whiterabbitarts@gmail.com if you're having any trouble setting up your recurring payments online. We're happy to help.

Are there fees involved?
There are no fees charged to you. White Rabbit pays a small percentage to Paypal for payment processing services.